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OTR (off-the-record) encryption is strong end-to-end encryption protocol for instant messaging (read more). OTR hasn't any XMPP XEP, because OTR is of cross-protocol nature.

And Gajim is a powerful XMPP-client without OTR support out-of-the-box.

Gajim >= 0.15 (or gajim-hg)

Since version 0.15, Gajim has powerful plugin system. The gotr plugin is used to provide OTR encryption, and it depends on python-potr, the modern OTR protocol implementation written on python by Kjell Bradden.


To install the plugin follow these simple steps:

  1. Install aur:pure-python-otr-git;
  2. Install/update the gajim plugins from hg.
    1. To go through next steps, you need mercurial (a popular DVCS) installed:
      $ sudo pacman -S mercurial
    2. Go to gajim plugins directory:
      $ mkdir -p ~/.local/share/gajim/plugins/; cd ~/.local/share/gajim/plugins/
    3. (at first time) Download all plugins:
      $ hg clone .
    4. (at next times) Update plugins to newer versions:
      $ hg pull; hg up; rm -f */*.pyo
  3. [Re]Start gajim;


At first time, you also need to activate OTR plugin:

  1. Go to menu Edit => Modules;
  2. Activate the "Off-the-record encryption" plugin;
  3. Click on plugin settings button;
  4. Generate your OTR key using "Generate key";
  5. Take a look on other settings;
  6. Close dialogs to save the changes.


Q: "Off-the-record encryption" is not shown in Modules.

A: Be sure, that ~/.local/share/gajim/plugins/gotr/ is not empty and python-potr installed on latest version.

Q: There are no Modules item in gajim menu.

A: Go to Help => About. The gajim version should be 0.15 or something like, where "b9cb32f5badd" is any commit id, if gajim-hg is used. If not, update gajim as said earlier.