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  gnt-cluster init --nic-parameters=link=br1 --master-netdev=br1 --enabled-hypervisor=kvm --vg-name ganeti mycluster
  gnt-cluster init --nic-parameters=link=br1 --master-netdev=br1 --enabled-hypervisor=kvm --vg-name ganeti mycluster

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From Ganeti project page:

Ganeti is a cluster virtual server management software tool built on top of existing virtualization technologies such as Xen or KVM and other Open Source software.
Warning: This is a very rough draft. Following the directions may or may not cause your entire server cluster to erupt into flames.


Lets fire up some networking.

# modprobe bridge


DESCRIPTION='A static ethernet connection for interface eth1'


NETWORKS=(br1 br0)

netcfg br1

This creates a br1 interface and assigns it a static IP address. For more sophisticated setups, see the netcfg article.

Lets get some disk backing: Make sure you created a ganeti_backing_store.img

# modprobe loop
# losetup /dev/loop0 ganeti_backing_store.img
# pvcreate /dev/loop0

You can ignore any 'file descriptor leak' errors here. That's a problem with bash, not you, though it should get fixed.

# vgcreate ganeti /dev/loop0

Load the necessary kernel modules, either for Intel processors

# modprobe kvm
# modprobe kvm-intel

or AMD processors

# modprobe kvm
# modprobe kvm-amd

At this point begins the period where you will attempt various incantations beginning with gnt-cluster init, they will fail, and you will have to start over.

The following I found useful.

# rm -fr /var/{log,lib}/ganeti/*
# rm -fr /srv/ganeti
# pkill ganeti
# pkill gnt
# mkdir -p /srv/ganeti/{os,export}

Create your ganeti cluster:

gnt-cluster init --nic-parameters=link=br1 --master-netdev=br1 --enabled-hypervisor=kvm --vg-name ganeti mycluster


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