Gapless Audio CD Creation from MP3s

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We'll be using a few programs for this.

pacman -Sy lame cdrdao

Let's configure cdrdao to use our CD burner. Open up /etc/cdrdao.conf (as root), and enter the /dev entry for your burner in this format:

write_device: "/dev/hdc"

You will want to check and see if cdrdao has the right group permissions; otherwise it probably won't work.

ls -l /usr/bin/cdrdao

Which should give output something like this:

-rwxr-xr-x 1 root optical 569040 2006-10-27 05:56 /usr/bin/cdrdao

If it doesn't, you'll need to chown (as root) cdrdao to the optical group:

# chown root:optical /usr/bin/cdrdao

Decode the MP3s

First of all, copy all the songs you want on the CD to a folder. It's best to rename them to reflect the order you want the tracks to be laid out (such as 01.mp3, 02.mp3, etc). Now we're going to decode all the mp3s into uncompressed wav files. Please realize that a full album can take up more than 800MB in wav files alone. This will take some time.

mkdir wav
for file in *.mp3 ; do
   lame --decode "$file" "wav/$file.wav"

Create a Table of Contents file

Once finished, let's make a Table of Contents file that describes the layout of the CD.

cd wav
  echo "CD_DA"
  for file in *.wav ; do
    echo "TRACK AUDIO"
    # echo "PREGAP 00:02:00"  # insert a 2-second silent gap before each track
    echo "FILE \"$file\" 0"
} > toc


Finally, all we have to do is burn the CD.

cdrdao write toc