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About GCIN


Installing GCIN

pacman -S gcin

Installing Other Input Tables


Configure GCIN



With gtk2 applications:

gcin provides a gtk input module, thus all gtk2-based applications are directly supported, there is no need to configure anything after installation (it's not XIM, and gcin is automatically started when needed).

With other applications: (tested with qt)

1.Set environment locale to use UTF-8, for example:

export LC_CTYPE=en_US.utf8

(the "LC_CTYPE" locale for gcin and for the applications must match; if "LC_CTYPE" is not set, "LANG" is used)


export XMODIFIERS=@im=xcin

gcin use the name "xcin" by default, and you can change this by the environment variable "GCIN_XIM" in order to run multiple gcin instances, for example:

export GCIN_XIM=xcin_zh
export XMODIFIERS=@im=xcin_zh

Remember that gtk2 applications start one instance of gcin automatically if it doesn't exist.

3.Start gcin:

gcin &

4.Run your applications! (if gcin is killed when your applications are running, it's likely to cause crash or other problems)