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Template:I18n links start Template:I18n entry Template:I18n entry Template:I18n entry Template:I18n entry Template:I18n entry Template:I18n links end The following links are useful for those getting started with Arch Linux. Many of them will explain the philosophy of Arch and compare/contrast Arch with other distributions. They are not meant to convince the reader to choose Arch -- that decision is left to the reader alone.

Arch Linux

This article attempts to give a brief overview of Arch Linux. It briefly describes some of the tools of an installed Arch Linux system.

Arch Compared to Other Distributions

This page summarizes some of the similarities and differences between Arch and other distributions.


Self-explanatory. A list of common and frequently asked questions.

The Arch Way

This page tries to describe the principles and philosophy of Arch Linux.

Beginners' Guide

This documentation will guide you through the whole process of installing and configuring Arch Linux.

Official Arch Linux Install Guide

A more general installation guide; it assumes the user is more experienced in UNIX/Linux methodology. The official location for this guide is here.

Table of Contents

A listing of ArchWiki categories. See also: Pages sorted by topic and Pages sorted by type.

ArchWiki Tutorial

This is a short tutorial on editing and contributing to the Arch Linux wiki.