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"GiFT is a collection of various software components geared towards improving the overall usability of a multitude of peer-to-peer file-sharing networks. This goal is accomplished by unifying the components such that a user of the software may choose any of the available interfaces to access any of the available networks. The central application, giftd, uses a plugin-based architecture capable of using multiple networks simultaneously through a single user interface."


Install GiFT, plugins, and GUI (optional).

# pacman -S gift gift-fasttrack gift-gnutella gift-openft

The GUI's are all Arch packages: Giftoxic (Gtk), Apollon (Qt), and Giftcurs (console).

# pacman -S giftoxic
# pacman -S apollon
# pacman -S giftcurs

If you find no errors, gift should have been properly installed. If you want Ares, I believe the only for Arch is to compile it from source. Anyone else know a pkg for it, lemme know.


  1. Run
    $ gift-setup
    as a normal user, and if there are multiple users this has to be done multiple times - one by each user.
  2. The program will run a bunch of questions and they all really do not matter except the Plugin one (easily the most important) and some of the ports should correspond.
  3. Once you get to the port question enter this and exactly this:
    If that has been done illegally, it won't work.
  4. GiFT should now work and it's time to start out GiFT GUI/CLI:
    • For Apollon, run
      and if that fails to connect, try running
      to get GiFT running first.
    • For Giftoxic, simply run
      and it will execute both giftd and giftoxic
    • For giftcurs, simply run
      and it will execute both giftd and giftoxic.

And, there you have it. If everything was done properly you should have GiFT connecting. There have been some problems with Fasttrack and all that, but you will have to read up because I dunno them.


If you run into this error:

$ giftd
*** ERROR: Your setup is incomplete ***

You will need to run gift-setup and be sure that you read absolutely every configuration option (no, really). Some default configuration values are considered illegal, and will raise this error message. If you suspect that you have configured giFT properly, consult the conf files in /home/joe/.giFT/ for diagnostic purposes.

If you are still having problems you should consult the QUICKSTART guide available from the standard giFT distribution.

Then it means you didn't read the gift-setup instructions properly. And it can be easily fixed by the first question to not equal zero, I believe.

External resources

  • For any questions, e-mail at