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[Category:Desktop]] Most Gnome users complain about the menu. Changing menu entries system-wide or for one or several users alone is poorly documentated.

User menus

As a user, you may add starters for applications to your desktop. Once you have created and tested one, start nautilus and type applications:/// in the location bar. Take the menu group you want, and place your starter there. You now have a new entry in your Gnome menu.

Group menus, System menus

You find common gnome menu entries as 'appname.desktop' objects inside /opt/gnome/share/applications.

  • Edit one of them to fit your needs for a new application, then save it.
  • Save it as a menu entry for all users
    In common, you will set this files permissions to 644 (root: rw group: r others: r), so all users can see it.
  • Save it as a menu entry for a group or user alone
    You may also have different user permissions; for example, some menu entries should only be available for a group or for one user.

Here is an example how a Scite menu entry definition file could look:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=SciTE editor

Hint: Folders in Gnome menu:

When you create a folder in applications:/// and want to change the icon - Right click, and choose "edit launcher" then change icon. If you right click and choose "Properties" and change the icon the icon will not change in menu.