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从 [[official repositories]][[安装]]{{Pkg|goldendict}}
从 [[official repositories|官方软件仓库]][[安装]] 软件包 {{Pkg|goldendict}}
== 配置 ==
===Offline Dictionary Lookup with dictd===
===Offline Dictionary Lookup with dictd===

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官方软件仓库安装 软件包 goldendict


Offline Dictionary Lookup with dictd

First dictd must be configured for hosting offline dictionaries. See Hosting Offline Dictionaries.

Once the dictionaries have been installed, and dictd has been configured, goldendict can be configured to access the dictd dictionary databases by following these steps:

  • Press F3 to bring up the "Dictionaries" window.
  • Click on the "DICT servers" tab
  • Click "Add..."
  • Click to put a checkmark under "Enabled"
  • Double click under "Address" and type: dict://localhost. Make sure to change localhost if dictd is running on another server.
  • And finally click "OK".