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The Arch Linux development team is considering to participate this year in Google Summer of Code (GSoC), here is a draft on what areas we are needing improvements.

The deadline to apply to mentor students is Friday, 9 March at 23:00 GMT. Google will begin accepting student applications on 26 March.

Discussion on dev-public mailing list: Google Summer of Code

The main idea here is to help the development of these tools, improving it, making patches and fixing bugs for now.

Arch Linux has its own projects; please read the entire article before thinking that we are just asking for packagers.

Project Ideas

  • AIF (Arch Linux Installation Framework)
    • grub2 option: Provide grub2 as a bootloader to install.
    • GPT/gdisk: Support gpt disk layouts for automatic and manual disk preperation.
    • systemd: Add an option to choose between initscripts and systemd.
    • complete rewrite (in python)?
      • +1 for python, but the python package is ~80MB and current netinstall iso is ~200MB -> too fat?
  • netcfg
  • automatic package buildfarm
  • single authentication database and managing our packaging ssh accounts from archweb
  • Implement pkgstats submission and graph/stats creation in archweb

Pacman-related Ideas

Potential Mentors

  • Pacman mentor (Dan?)
  • AIF mentor (Dieter?)
  • pkgstats (Pierre; no idea about django though)
  • Netcfg (?)