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''Guild Wars 2'' is a game developed by NC Soft. Currently a native client is only available for Windows and Mac systems. It is runnable through wine though.
== Installation ==
Install {{Pkg|wine}} and {{Pkg|mpg123}}.
Download the GW2 client from their [http://cloudfront.guildwars2.com/client/Gw2.exe website] (you have to be logged in), and run it like this:
wine ./Gw2.exe
== Known issues ==
'''1. Patcher/launcher window is invisible/flickering.'''
Run it with -dx9single like so:
wine ./Gw2.exe -dx9single
'''2. Patcher/launcher crashes with assertion failed on "m_ioCount"'''
The best known "fix" for this is to just let it crash and restart it, it should continue on where it left off. It usually crashes after around 1GB worth of download, which makes this a not-at-all dealbreaker for most. Please edit this if you find that it crashes instantly/after just a few MB.
The percent of the download resets every time the launcher is started, but the amount that has already downloaded is not accounted into this number; just what remains is. The best number correlates with the total download progress is the '''Files Remaining'''.
If you have only one file remaining, switch to a language other than english or spanish, let it download that information, and then switch back to english.
'''3. Ingame Bazaar (Black Lion trade) don't work ("Awesomium patch")'''
Need Download Wine sources fom GIT and build with patches found in [http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=27168 Wine bug #27168]
'''4. "Garbage" when take screenshots in JPEG mode'''
Fixed in wine 1.7.4.
To take screenshot in BMP, add flag -bmp in command line, like so:
wine ./Gw2.exe -bmp
For more info see: [http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=31557 Wine bug #31557]  
'''5. Camera rotation stop the movement when the mouse reach the edge of window'''
When click MOUSE1 and move to rotate the camera , this stop when the mouse reach the edge of window, this fixed in 1.5.14, but broken again as of 1.5.29.
Need Download wine sources from GIT and revert a certain commit with:
git revert --no-edit 76bbf106a28c4caa82873e8450bde7d4adc765bf
For more info see: [http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=33479 Wine bug #33479]

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