Guild Wars 2

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Guild Wars 2 is a game developed by NC Soft. Currently a native client is only available for Windows and Mac systems. It is runnable through wine though.


1. Install wine:

pacman -Syu wine

2. Install libmpg123:

pacman -Syu mpg123

3. Download the GW2 client from their website (you have to be logged in), and run it like this:

wine ./Gw2.exe

Known issues

1. Patcher/launcher window is invisible/flickering.

Run it with -dx9single like so:

wine ./Gw2.exe -dx9single

2. Patcher/launcher crashes with assertion failed on "m_ioCount"

The best known "fix" for this is to just let it crash and restart it, it should continue on where it left off. It usually crashes after around 1GB worth of download, which makes this a not-at-all dealbreaker for most. Please edit this if you find that it crashes instantly/after just a few MB.

3. Ingame Bazaar (trade) don't work ("Awesomium patch")

Need Download Wine sources (from GIT or tarball) and build with apply this patch. for more info see Wine bug #27168

4. "Garbage" when take screenshots in JPEG mode

to fix this, have 2 ways:

1) Launch game with -bmp prefix to take screenshot in BMP format:

wine ./Gw2.exe -bmp

2) Apply this patch in Wine Sources (GIT or tarball). for more info see Wine bug #31557