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This article covers how to start using Guitar Pro (wrote with current version 5.2 in mind) with Linux. Native binaries do not exist for Linux yet, so Windows/MacOS emulator is the only possibility now. I'm going to show how to use Guitar Pro with Wine as an emulator and Timidity as a MIDI backend.

I think Guitar Pro is the best possibility today, if one wants to transcribe and compose for stringed instruments. Speaking in terms of tabulature notation correctness and ease of use. My main point of using Guitar Pro is to create backing tracks and export them to MIDI, then use those as a backing tracks to practice with (I play guitar).


As a prerequisite, you need Wine and Timidity installed. Consult respective wikis on how to install them.

I opt to use the directory ~/wine for Wine installations. After downloading Guitar Pro installer (either demo versions or full versions), I do (assuming I'm in my download direcotry where the just downloaded installer sits):

$ WINEPREFIX="$HOME/wine/guitar_pro_5"
$ wine GP5FULL.exe

What happens is a pretty much standard Windows install procedure that leaves me with $WINEPREFIX dirctory occupied with installed Guitar Pro ready to be configured/used.


Configuration of Timidity is covered in it's wiki. Once it's running, run Guitar Pro. I use a little convenience script to launch Guitar Pro from command line/prompt box (note I currently do not use Timidity as a daemon):

# script GP5.EXE
# author: dante4d <>

timidity -iA &
sleep 1
WINEPREFIX="$HOME/wine/guitar_pro_5" wine "C:\\Program Files\\Guitar Pro 5\\GP5.EXE"
sleep 1
kill $PID

First, you need to setup Guitar Pro to use right MIDI output device. In menu, go to Options->Audio Settings (MIDI/RSE)... . On top of the dialog, select Timidity as an output device for port 1 (that's what I do, I'm not exatly sure what all the options there mean). This should suffice.

You might also want to turn off the splash screen and the intro jingle under menu Options->Preferences (F12).


MIDI doesn't play

Check Timidity settings in /etc/timidity++/timidity.cfg. I had the samme 'issue' when I forgot to include soundpatches there :).

Missing note heads and other symbols

Sometimes (I'm unaware of how it happens) you will see just whitespaces instead of note heads and some other symbols. One of the soulutions is to link font files from Guitar Pro directory in Wine folders to /usr/shared/fonts/TTF or ~/.fonts. For more info, check Guitar Pro 5.x at WineHQ or use Google.

Tips & Tricks

Yet to come...

More Resources