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Model Version Arch Linux
Install CD Version
Hardware Support Remark
Video Sound Ethernet Wireless Bluetooth Power Management Modem Other
TravelMate 2413NLC Gimmick 0.7.2 Intel GMA 915
driver i810
Intel 82801FB
with internal microphone
OK - - Suspend to
RAM: Yes
Disk: Yes
Battery: Yes
Frequency scaling of CPU: Yes
untest Hotkeys: untest
Aspire 5100-3825 0.8 (Voodoo) ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 Intel RealTek Atheros n/a untested Hotkeys: untested
Aspire 1501LMi 0.9 (Don't panic) ATI Radeon 9600
HW acceleration only with proprietary driver
untested none Suspend to
RAM: ??
Disk: Yes
Battery: Yes
Frequency scaling of CPU: Yes
untested Hotkeys: untested
Travelmate 6292 Core Dump,
intel x3100
HW acceleration with Intel's opensource driver, ~1100 fps in the glxgears
Intel HDA
OK (model=acer)
Broadcom BCM5787M
Intel iwl4965
Suspend to
RAM: ??
Disk: Ok
Battery: Yes
Frequency scaling of CPU: Yes
untested Hotkeys: untested
FireWire Texas Instruments TSB43AB23: OK(?)
FireWire detects well but I haven't tested it yet
Aspire 5024 0.7.2 ATI Radeon X700
Runs compiz on both fglrx>=8.02 and radeon driver
Broadcom 4318
Needs acer_apci + firmware or ndiswrapper driver
n/a Battery: Yes
Suspend: Video and wifi probs
Frequency scaling: powernow-k8 driver
untested KeyTouch works for hotkeys
Volume controle etc.
Aspire 7720 2009.02 Intel i965
working OK
Broadcom BCM5787M (tg3)
Intel 3945
Needs microcode
Detected, works with blueman, not with bluez-gnome Battery: Yes
Suspend: Unreliable! Don't count on it for everyday usage!
Frequency scaling: acpi-cpufreq driver
with linuxant drivers, might work webcam: uvcvideo driver; card reader: only SD cards seem to work; Special keys (Acer Arcade, direct access to browser/mail) seem to not work; volume knob at the side is seen as a multimedia key. Firewire seems to be recognized, untested. For 64-bit, update BIOS to fix ACPI and wireless problems.
Aspire 7730 2009.08 i686 & x64 Intel Mobile 4 Series
Autoconfiguration works. Compiz OK, with indirect rendering.
Playback & internal mic OK, mic input socket not tested
'options snd-hda-intel model=laptop' added to /etc/modprobe.d/sound.conf to get headphone cutout working
OK OK, with iwlagn None Suspend to RAM OK
Suspend to disk crashes on i686, OK on x64
Frequency scaling OK
(using cpufreq)
Untested Hotkeys OK
Webcam OK
HDMI untested
Card reader untested
Problem booting install CD
Solved with 'ln -sf /dev/sr0 /dev/archiso' at ramfs$
TravelMate 8371G (TM8371G-944G32n) 2010.05 x86-64 Intel GM45, works with 'i915'. Radeon HD 4330 listed, but cannot switch to it. OK OK, works with 'r8169' OK, works with 'iwlagn' OK, works with 'btusb' s2ram works (see remarks), s2disk works, cpu scaling works, no fan control No modem Webcam works with 'uvcvideo'.
Card reader works.
Fingerprint reader does not seem to have a driver!
Suspend to RAM only works with the 'i8042.reset=1' kernel parameter. Otherwise it fails to wake up, and ends up rebooting itself uncleanly!
Generally, this Acer seems to work quite well with ArchLinux :-)

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