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Model List

Model Version: Arch Linux
Install CD Version:
Hardware Support: Remark:
Video: Sound: Ethernet: Wireless: Bluetooth: Power Management: Modem: Other:
MacBook Pro Rev3 x86_64 2007.08 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Cpufreq + pm-utils Not Used - -
MacBook Mid2007 i686 2008.03 Yes Yes Yes Yes Not used Cpufreq + laptop-mode-tools Not Used - Suspend-to-RAM working ok
MacBook Mid2007 x86_64 2009.08 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes pm-utils Not Used - All works out-of-the box, except iSight
MacBook Pro 5,2 17" x86_64 2009.08 Yes Yes Yes Yes Not used cpufreq + pm-util Not Used - suspend,hibernate OK