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Model Version

Model Version: Arch Linux
Install CD Version:
Hardware Support: Remark:
Video: Sound: Ethernet: Wireless: Bluetooth: Power
Modem: Other:
Pavilion DV2172EA Duke 2007.05 Nvidia Go7200
driver nvidia
Intel 82801G
with internal microphones
driver snd_hda_intel
driver e100
Intel 3945
driver ipw3945
Yes Suspend to
RAM: Yes
Disk: Yes
Battery: Yes
Dimming of display: Yes
Frequency scaling of CPU: Yes
Yes Hotkeys: Yes
Remote: Yes
Webcam: Yes
Lightscribe: untested
HP Compaq 6715S 0.8 Voodoo ATI Radeon X1250
driver: fglrx (no video overlay -> video playback sucks)
ATI SB600 Azalia
driver: snd_hda_intel
driver: tg3
Broadcom 4312
driver: ndiswrapper
(Having problems with this and can't get wlan-button working. bcm43xx doesn't work either.)
Not tested Suspend to
RAM: Yes
Disk: Yes
Battery: Yes
Dimming of display: Yes
Frequency scaling of CPU: Yes
not tested Hotkeys: Yes
Lightscribe: untested
HP Compaq 6720S 2007.11-4 Intel X3100
driver: xf86-video-intel
Intel HDA
driver: snd_hda_intel
Intel 10/100
driver: e100
Intel 3945
driver: iwl3945
Not tested ACPI: Yes
Suspend to
RAM: Not tested
Disk: Not tested
Battery: Yes
Dimming of display: Not tested
Frequency scaling of CPU: Yes, cpudyn
not tested Hotkeys: Not tested
Lightscribe: Not tested