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Model Version

Model Version: Arch Linux
Install CD Version:
Hardware Support: Remark:
Video: Sound: Ethernet: Wireless: Bluetooth: Power
Modem: Other:
Pavilion DV2172EA Duke 2007.05 Nvidia Go7200
driver nvidia
Intel 82801G
with internal microphones
driver snd_hda_intel
driver e100
Intel 3945
driver ipw3945
Yes Suspend to
RAM: Yes
Disk: Yes
Battery: Yes
Dimming of display: Yes
Frequency scaling of CPU: Yes
Yes Hotkeys: Yes
Remote: Yes
Webcam: Yes
Lightscribe: untested
HP Compaq 6715S 0.8 Voodoo ATI Radeon X1250
driver: catalyst
driver: snd_hda_intel
driver: tg3
Broadcom 4312
driver: ndiswrapper
(Problematic with 64-bit arch)
Yes Suspend to
RAM: Yes
Disk: Yes
Battery: Yes
Dimming of display: Yes
Frequency scaling of CPU: Yes
not tested Hotkeys: Yes
Lightscribe: untested
HP Compaq 6720S 2007.11-4 Intel X3100
driver: xf86-video-intel
Intel HDA
driver: snd_hda_intel
Intel 10/100
driver: e100
Intel 3945
driver: iwl3945
Yes, bluez-utils ACPI: Yes
Suspend to
RAM: Not tested
Disk: Not tested
Battery: Yes
Dimming of display: Yes
Frequency scaling of CPU: Yes, cpudyn
not tested Hotkeys: Configurable
Lightscribe: Not tested
HP Pavilion dv6605ed 2007.08-2 Intel X3100 (xf86-video-intel) Intel 82801H (snd-hda-intel) RTL8101e (r8139) Broadcom BCM94311MCG
b43: No (may need different firmware)
ndiswrapper: Yes
Suspend to RAM: Yes
Suspend to Disk: No
Battery: Yes
Display dimming: Yes
CPU frequency scaling: Yes (p4-clockmod)
Not tested Hotkeys: Yes (HP keymap)
Remote: Yes, except for DVD, Quickplay and Windows MCE buttons
Lightscribe: not tested
HP Pavilion TX1220US(GA647UA) Overlord nVidia Gefore Go 6150 (works with nvidia) nVidia Corporation MCP51 High Definition Audio (works with snd-hda-intel) nVidia Corporation MCP51 Ethernet Controller (works with forcedeth) Broadcom 4321 card (works with ndiswrapper and Broadcom released linux drivers: pkg) Untested Untested Untested Touch Screen (appears to work, have not calibrated)
Remote (not working)
Hotkeys (untested)
Lightscribe (untested)
People with this same laptop have gotten the hotkeys and touch screen to work on other distros. I'm sure you can figure it out with some work :-)
HP 8510W 2008.12.25 NVIDIA FX570M (nvidia driver Intel soundcard (snd-hda-intel) Ethernet Port (e1000)

Intel Wireless (iwl4965) || Suspend to ram & disk supported || Display dimming: No || CPU frequency scaling: Yes (acpi-cpufreq) || Hotkey: No (didn't work for me) || CD/DVD player: Yes || SD slot: yes || Touch pad: yes (xf86-input) || Most of it works out of box or you can get it working with the Arch Wiki, sadly my display dimming doesn't work but there is also a hardware sensor for automaticly dimming the display ||