HP Mini 2140

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HP Mini 2140 is a netbook pc [1], like Asus EEE and a bunch of others.


1) Video - Video is supported with "intel" driver, replace "vesa" in your xorg.conf with "intel". Kernel Mode-Setting is also possible.
2) Touchpad - Works, you need to add "synaptics" support to your xorg.conf
3) Wireless - This netbooks use wifi card which use LP-PHY (also known as low-power) which is not supported by b43 driver, you need broadcom's "wl" driver and you need to blacklist "b43". You can find that module in AUR, under name "broadcom-wl". Also, the BIOS is locked to HP's proprietary cards (also known as bios whitelist or Error 104), so replacement with an atheros or other better card is not possible without BIOS patching.
4) Ethernet - Marvell gigabit ethernet - Use sky2 module.
5) Bluetooth - Works
6) Cpu Scaling - Works (acpi_cpufreq module)
7) Webcam - Works (uvcvideo module)
8) Sound - needs option model=laptop in snd-hda-intel kernel to be fully working.
9) Suspend To RAM - works via uswsusp
10) Suspend To Disk - works via uswsusp

[1] http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/us/en/sm/WF06a/321957-321957-64295-3841267-306995-3872994.html