HP Compaq NX6325

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This article describes specific steps to configure hardware on the notebook model HP Compaq NX6325.


This notebook comes with the notorious BCM4312 wireless chip. Using ndiswrapper is my preferred method as it proved to be more reliable than fwcutter. However, the Windows driver from the HP website does not work. Instead, you can download this driver package [1] (yes it's called bcm4310).

Follow the wireless how-to to configure wireless with ndiswrapper.

Power management

Cpufreq, acpi and pm-utils work perfectly. Please refer to the respective wiki articles on how to configure them:

When using ndiswrapper and pm-suspend or pm-hibernate, you need to create a hook to unload/load the ndiswrapper module on suspend (otherwise wireless will not work upon resume).

case $1 in
        modprobe -r ndiswrapper
        modprobe -r ndiswrapper
        modprobe ndiswrapper
        modprobe ndiswrapper
    *)  echo "somebody is calling me totally wrong."

Depending on what method/tool you use to connect wireless networks, you might have to include other commands in the above scripts or manually reconnect to the wireless network.

Audio & Video

Sound works fine, just follow the ALSA how-to.

For 3D graphics, the ATI Catalyst proprietary driver works. Please note that I have not tried the open source driver, so it might work.

Fingerprint, card slots, etc.

As it is the case with other Linux distributions, the fingerprint reader and the card reader are currently not supported.