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(SD Card Reader)
(Updated audio section.)
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| Wireless || style="color:green" | '''Working''' || iwlwifi
| Wireless || style="color:green" | '''Working''' || iwlwifi
| Audio || style="color:orange" | '''Partially Working''' || snd_hda_intel
| Audio || style="color:green" | '''Working''' || snd_hda_intel
| Touchpad || style="color:green" | '''Working''' || synaptics
| Touchpad || style="color:green" | '''Working''' || synaptics
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This can cause serious problems.  By default, snd-usb-audio is loaded to control the subwoofer.  To circumvent this, append
`hdajackretast` in the package `alsa-tools` in `[extra]` can be used to remap the unconnected 0x10 pin to the subwoofer (Internal Speaker LFE).
<pre>blacklist snd-usb-audio</pre>
to {{ic|/etc/modprobe.d/audio.conf}}.
{{ic|snd-hda-intel}} does not load automatically for a 5 channel setup.  It must be loaded with {{ic|1=model=ref}} for the subwoofer to work.  However, loading with {{ic|1=model=ref}} results in the internal speakers remaining on while headphones are plugged in.  To prevent this, {{ic|snd-hda-intel}} must be loaded with {{ic|1=mode=auto}}.  One example of how to deal with this is to append
<pre>options snd-hda-intel model=auto</pre>
to {{ic|/etc/modprobe.d/audio.conf}}.  This will load the card without the subwoofer, but with headphone muting at boot.  In order to switch, force unload the module ({{ic|# rmmod -f snd-hda-intel}}) and reload it with the other setting (e.g {{ic|1=# modprobe snd-hda-intel model=ref}}).  This has been flagged as an upstream bug [https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=49391 here].
==SD Card Reader==
==SD Card Reader==

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Device Status Modules
Intel Working xf86-video-intel
AMD Not Working
Ethernet Working atl1c
Wireless Working iwlwifi
Audio Working snd_hda_intel
Touchpad Working synaptics
Camera Working
Card Reader Working rts5229


CPU Intel Core i7-2670QM (2.2GHz Quad-core)
RAM 8 GB (2x4GB)
Display 17.3" LCD
Integrated Graphics Intel HD 3000
Discrete Graphics AMD Radeon HD 7690 (1 GB)
Sound Intel HD Audio
Ethernet Atheros AR8151 v2.0 Gigabit Ethernet
Wireless Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235
Hard Disk 750 GB 7200rpm SATA
Touchpad Synaptics ClickPad


This is based on the 2012 HP Envy 17.


The intel graphics work fine out of the box. Unfortunately, the hybrid graphics setup is muxless, so vgaswitcheroo won't work. There is some work in progress towards getting the muxless AMD/Intel setup working. Try here if you really need the hybrid graphics.

The proprietary driver has not been thoroughly tested.


`hdajackretast` in the package `alsa-tools` in `[extra]` can be used to remap the unconnected 0x10 pin to the subwoofer (Internal Speaker LFE).

SD Card Reader

As of 3.8 a third party module is not needed, device is accessible @ /dev/mmcX

The module for pre 3.8 rts5229 is in the AUR.