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Works out of the box. (Think its because of HAL)
Works out of the box. (Guess it's because of HAL)

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Intel stable drivers (xf86-video-intel-stable) from AUR will give you 250-290 FPS on glxgears.


Typical Intel HD Audio. Just follow alsa setup.

Make sure you have the latest version of alsa-utils, alsa-lib and alsa-firmware.


Works out of the box. (Guess it's because of HAL)


Broadcom (Wireless) Driver

[user@mini ~]$ lspci | grep Broadcom
08:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation Device 4353 (rev 01)

Using broadcom-wl from AUR will do the trick.

It may be necessary to load the driver manually: Template:File


Suspend on Lid

Power Button