HP Mini 5101

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Install xf86-video-intel or xf86-video-intel-newest. Make sure to configure KMS[broken link: invalid section] correctly.


Typical Intel HD Audio. Just follow ALSA.

Make sure you have the latest version of alsa-utils, alsa-lib and alsa-firmware.


Swapping eth0/eth1 can confuse Wicd, assigning static names[broken link: invalid section] helps.

Wireless Driver (Broadcom)

See Broadcom wireless for driver setup.

It may be necessary to load the driver (wl as an axample here) manually:

MODULES=(... wl ...)

Problem with reconnecting after suspending might be solved by:


Driver Overview

  1. brcmsmac: Works best but the red/blue led isn't working.
  2. broadcom-wl: broadcom-wl needs to be re-compiled after each kernel upgrade. LED works but reconnecting problem after suspending.
  3. b43: Alternatively your network chip may be supported by b43[broken link: invalid section] (kernel > 2.6.32).


See: Bluetooth


Works out of the box.


Works out of the box.


Suspend on Lid

This here works quite fine: Suspend to RAM#Automatic Suspend, the Hard Way[broken link: invalid section]

It might be necessary to use "/etc/acpi/events/lm_lid" instead of "/etc/acpi/events/lid". (laptop-mode?)

Just change the "LID" to it's actual value. For me it was C1D0.

if grep closed /proc/acpi/button/lid/C1D0/state >/dev/null ; then 

Power Button

Shutting system down by pressing the power button


Display toggle

ACPI hotkeys

# acpi_listen
(Press fn+f2)
video C088 00000080 00000000

So we have to edit


like this

case "$1" in
        arandr #or path to your shell script for switching display mode

Mute, browser button, volume down, etc...

Extra keyboard keys

Hard disk shock protection

Install hpfall from AUR and add it to rc.conf:

DAEMONS=(... hpfall ...)

See also Shock protection for HP/Compaq laptops.