HP Pavilion dv2-1030us

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Grub and Framebuffer Modes

Not all framebuffer modes are curretly supported by this hardware. For example the argument 'vga=773' that I would normally add to the kernel line of the grub menu.lst, gives strange and terrible results. Also, the 32bit 1024x768 mode does not work at all. I would suggest that you use 'vga=791' (64K colors @ 1024x768) for the framebuffer mode if you decide to use one.

Audio Setup

Initially I was having some serious problems getting this working. After you get alsa installed, it will likely detect several different sound cards. Use 'cat /proc/asound/cards' to get a printout of what cards are available. You can then use 'alsamixer -c(INSERT_CARD_NO_HERE)' without the parenthesis of course, to modify the sound levels for the appropriate card (HDA ATI SB). Be sure to unmute both the headphone and speaker channel. Don't forget to save the alsa mixer settings with 'alsactl store'. The integrated speakers sound very good and are actually quite loud, enjoy.

Wireless Setup

The wireless card in this computer is a BCM4322. You can follow the instructions at this page Broadcom BCM4312, to set up wireless networking. Also like the page says, the wireless interface will be named 'eth0'.

More Details Soon

I just received one of these laptops a few days ago and installed arch. Thusfar there have been many complications, so many in fact that I decided to document the process for other people. I am in the middle of moving back from college right now, so I will hopefully get around to documenting the entire process in a day or so. For the record, the laptop is beautiful and I think that the hardware will be awesome once driver support catches up. For the people considering buying one and wondering how well it will work, just check back in a couple of days and you will have a good idea.