HP Pavilion dv6179ea

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Work in progress, this might take a while - by Grimn

I'm still configuring Arch (version 0.8) on this laptop but I've managed to set up a few things.

Arch Installation

I used the FTP method to install Arch and thus I thought it wouldn't make much difference if I used 0.7.2 ISO, but guess what? It doesn't work well! Might be because of the kernel (2.6.16) since this laptop is really picky when it comes to kernel version (as I'll explain later), everything seems to be working alright until you start formating the partitions you want, then it takes ages to just write a few blocks on the disk! So I strongly advise for everyone with these model (and this might be true with all the dv6000t series as well) to use, at least, the 0.8beta1 ISO instead. Apart from this detail, the installation goes pretty smoothly-