HP Pavilion zd7140

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Another work in Progress - by PhrakTure

  I am currently running Arch on this laptop, 98% problem free... and no I have not yet configured the media card reader, as I have no use for it.  If anyone really has a problem, let me know (PM from forums).
     +Ethernet: 8139too
     +Wireless: ndiswrapper using BCMWL5A [[ http://phrakture.freelinuxhost.com/ndiswrapper-bcmwl5a-0.2-1.pkg.tar.gz%7CLook here || http://phrakture.freelinuxhost.com/pkgbuilds/PKGBUILD.ndiswrapper-bcmwl5a]] or use the package [[here |]]
     +Audio: snd-intel-8x0 / snd-pcm-oss
     +Video: nvidia [1]
     +Composite: works, but gets goofy with flash animations in Firefox
  !Unusual settings
     +Video mode detected wrong
        Add the following to the device (nvidia driver) section in xorg.conf
           Option \"IgnoreEDID\" \"True\"
        And the following line to the \"Monitor\" section
           Modeline \"1440x900\"  106.47  1440 1520 1672 1904  900 901 904 932  -hsync +vsync
        The following Display Subsection (in the Screen Section) will allow you to use the display's native viewing mode.
           Subsection \"Display\"
              Depth       24
              Modes \"1440x900\"
              Virtual 1440 900