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The TC 1100 is a slate tablet PC with a 10.2" screen and detachable keyboard.


Since the tablet has no internal cd-rom, booting from USB is the only option for getting into the installation media.


Note: I was unable to get the tablet to boot from a USB key. Use USB CD-Rom if posible


  1. Plugin a USB CD-Rom drive with installation disk
  2. Attach keyboard (USB or Dock are fine)
  3. Boot computer
  4. While in BIOS post screen, press the "jog-dial" located on the top left edge
  5. Select "CD-Rom" and press jog-dial again


Installation is the same as with any laptop. I recommend following the Beginners' Guide

Post Install

For additional tablet related information, please read the [Tablet PC] page.


Nouveau works fine, including the 3D support


Install and setup the following

Suspending and Resuming

Using pm-utils, suspend to RAM works out of the box. Suspend to disk (hibernate) works once you have added the resume parameter to the kernel boot command and the resume hook to /etc/mkinitcpio.conf, as discussed in the pm-utils article.

Resuming after suspending to disk causes the stylus to cease functioning. No data will be sent by the digitizer until it receives the ISDV4_SAMPLING command, which is merely the ASCII character "1" (49). Unfortunately, the xf86-input-wacom driver only sends that particular command during initialization. I suppose the proper way to fix this would be to modify the driver to recognize when it's resuming from a suspend to disk and send the command accordingly. Of course, I didn't want to bother with all of that, so I put the following shell script in /etc/pm/sleep.d instead:


case "$1" in
 hibernate|resume|suspend )
 thaw )
  xset -display :0 q 2>&1 >/dev/null | head -1 | grep -Eqx '(No protocol specified)|' && printf 1 >>/dev/ttyS0
 * )
  exit $NA

Please note that this script, as written, requires xorg-xset.


Install the xf86-input-wacom package. A reboot may be required for Xorg to recognize the serial digitizer For additional help, see the Wacom page.



Stylus Buttons

I've done a quick and dirty hack of xf86-input-wacom to get the stylus-activated buttons working.

Unpack it, build it using makepkg, and install the resulting package with pacman. The stylus buttons will now generate keycodes when triggered, and these can be bound to actions by either your window manager or xbindkeys. The specific keycodes are as follows:

Button Keycode
Rotate KEY_DIRECTION (161)
Journal Launch KEY_PROG3 (210)
Tablet PC Input Panel Launch KEY_PROG4 (211)

Right Hand Buttons

Side buttons work out of the box. Sometimes they do not respond until the unit is put into standby and then resumed



Recommended Tablet-related Applications


  • cellwriter
  • dasher


Alternative Install Guides:

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