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This document describes a method to configure halevt and traydevice in order to mount removable media.


First you need to install halevt and traydevice from AUR.


After that you need to install a halevt config in ~/.halevt/

cp /usr/share/halevt/examples/umount_from_tray-gtkdialog.xml ~/.halevt/traydevice.xml
vim ~/.halevt/traydevice.xml

Edit the relevant part into

<halevt:Device match="&MOUNTABLE;">
 <halevt:Insertion exec="traydevice $hal.udi$"/>
 <halevt:OnInit exec="traydevice $hal.udi$"/>

Or if you want it to automatically mount when plugging in then edit into

<halevt:Device match="&MOUNTABLE;">
 <halevt:Insertion exec="halevt-mount -u $hal.udi$ &amp; traydevice $hal.udi$"/>
 <halevt:OnInit exec="halevt-mount -u $hal.udi$ &amp; traydevice $hal.udi$"/>

Next you need to edit the default.xml file of traydevice and change it to use halevt-mount instead of pmount-hal.

cp /usr/share/traydevice/default.xml ~/.config/traydevice/
vim ~/.config/traydevice/default.xml

Edit the relevant part into

<menuitem icon="gtk.STOCK_ADD" text="mount">
 <!- - execute command pmount-hal, passing it hal udi of managed device -->
 <command executable="halevt-mount">


<!- - execute command pumount, passing it device node from hal property -->
<menuitem icon="gtk.STOCK_REMOVE" text="umount">
 <command executable="halevt-umount">

Finally you need to make halevt start when you login to X. Just add halevt to autostart.sh if you are using OpenBox, or rc.lua for awesome.

Tips and Tricks

It is better to start halevt individually per user rather than as a system daemon since it might conflict with other volume manager.


Instead of halevt you can use another program based on UDisks - UDisksEvt. With the most recent version of Traydevice you can setup a complete hal-less (hal is deprecated after all) automounting system. UDisksEvt example configuration file already contains appropriate setup for Traydevice, so it should work out-of-the-box.