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From "With the Green Island Compositor, the Hawaii Desktop is looking to be the very first Wayland-friendly desktop environment for Linux. The Hawaii desktop is the product of the Maui OS team, a Linux distribution that's trying to avoid traditional packages and instead provide a minimal image with the Linux kernel, systemd, ConnMan, and other core components, while being powered by a Wayland desktop."


Be warned,the hawaii desktop environment, is has not reached its stable 1.0 release. It is only at version 0.2.0. It may not work properly on your system.


Install awesome from the official repositories.

For pre-release versions, an awesome-gitAUR build is in the AUR.

Alternatively, you can use the upstream binary package for hawaii. Click on the tab labeled "Arch Linux" and follow the instructions.


If you use this binary package, then the hawaii binary will be stored in /opt/hawaii-git/bin/hawaii

Run hawaii

Without login manager

To run hawaii without a login manager, simply add exec hawaii to the startup script of your choice (e.g. ~/.xinitrc.)

With login manager

Can you start hawaii with a display manager? Will current display managers work for a Wayland based destop environment? this article.

GDM, LightDM, others using /usr/share/xsessions/

Awesome automatically installs a config file for these display managers. You don't need to do anything special to see awesome offered at login.


Create as root:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Wayland Desktop Environment



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