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The Heirloom project mantains classical UNIX tools and utilities for modern open source operating systems.

Heirloom Bourne Shell

The classical Bourne shell has been made available through the Heirloom project and is available as an AUR(CVS) or as a static release AUR.

In this package, the Bourne shell is installed as


and symlinked as


Heirloom Development Tools

The heirloom development tools provide tools like yacc, lex, m4, make, and SCCS. This package, together with the Bourne shell, form a dependency foundation for the rest of the Heirloom packages. The classical devtools ensures consistent behavior, independently of changes made to the corresponding GNU tools.

The Heirloom Devtools AUR package installs the following files:


        admin  cdc  comb  delta  get  help  lex  m4  make  prs  prt  rmdel  sact  sccs  sccsdiff  unget  val  vc  what  yacc


       m4 make


        help  lex  libl.a  liby.a  svr4.make  yaccpar

Heirloom Toolchest

This package contains classical UNIX binaries corresponding to GNU coreutils, diffutils, tar and more. The binaries are organized according to the different UNIX releases, so that one can choose which generation of UNIX environment to run.

The Heirloom Toolchest is available as an AUR, which installs the following files:


    apropos   catman  cpio     diff3    factor   grep      line       mkfifo   nl       pkill      pwd      shl    tabs      tr        uptime

awk chgrp csplit dircmp false groups listusers mknod nohup posix random sleep tail true users banner chmod cut dirname fgrep hd ln more oawk posix2001 renice sort tape tsort w basename chown date du file head logins mt od pr rm spell tapecntl tty wc bc cksum dc echo find hostname logname mv page printenv rmdir split tar ucb whatis bdiff cmp dd ed fmt id ls mvdir paste printf s42 stty tcopy ul who bfs col deroff egrep fmtmsg install mail nawk pathchk priocntl sdiff STTY tee uname whoami cal comm df env fold join man newform pax ps sed su test unexpand whodo calendar copy dfspace expand getconf kill mesg news pg psrinfo setpgrp sum time uniq xargs cat cp diff expr getopt lc mkdir nice pgrep ptime settime sync touch units yes


   awk       chmod  csplit  du    ed     expr   file  getconf  id  ls     mv    nl     od   pg  ps  rmdir  sort  touch  wc

basename cp date echo egrep fgrep find grep ln mkdir nawk nohup pax pr rm sed test tr who

Heirloom Documentation tools

The Heirloom Documentation tools provides an alternative to groff with powerful capabilities, like open document compatibility etc. Building this package, which is avaliable as an AUR package, requires the Heirloom shell, devtools and toolchest.

The Heirloom Packaging tools

The Heirloom packaging tools are a port of Sun SVR4's package management system, which was released as open source with opensolaris. This package requires the Heirloom shell, devtools and toolchest and is available as an AUR.