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This short HOWTO will explain how to move a page to a category, assign categories to a new page, and how to auto-create missing categories.

About categories

At the time of writing, there is a massive effort to restructure ArchWiki. Volunteers are needed to move articles from existing categories to new categories that fit into a proposed ArchWiki Category Tree.

Move a page into a different category

To move a page into a category, edit the page's [[Category: SomeCategory]] line.

For example, let us move a fictional page "ArchWiki Tutorial (Serbian)" to an appropriate fictional category.

NOTE: Categories that do not exist are auto-created. Please read this HOWTO carefully. Moving to existing categories is basically the same as moving to non-existing categories. Everything that is discussed in this article applies to categories themselves in quite the same way.

WARNING: Please don't actually do any of this. Rather, practice by tying to move existing pages into appropriate categories.

So pick a page you want to move. In our example, it is a fictional page called "ArchWiki Tutorial (Serbian)".

1. Edit the page's category line

Click "Edit this page" at the bottom of the page. Find the following line at the beginning of the text:

[[Category: Help]]

change it to:

[[Category: ArchWiki Help (Serbian)]]

Save the page by clicking the "Save page" button just below the edit box.

2. Go to the new category page

After you have saved the page, you will see a "Categories: ArchWiki Help (Serbian)" link at the top right of the article. Click this link to go to the newly created category.

Edit the "Categories: ArchWiki Help (Serbian)" category page and add the following line in the edit box:

[[Category: ArchWiki Tools (Serbian)]]

Save the category page. Again, you will see a link to the newly assigned category, "Categories: ArchWiki Tools (Serbian)", at top right corner of the page. Click it.

3. Go to the new parent category page

Now you are in the "ArchWiki Tools (Serbian)" category. Let's say, for example, that this page already existed. Your job is done. If not, you have to add this page to an appropriate category by doing the same as in step 2, only the category name is different now.

What to move and where

If you want to become an expert in moving pages, help us out by checking the Priority Todo and WikiTodo pages. Also, check the ArchWiki Category Tree for info on where to move what.