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* 對於一則留言的回覆可以分成許多部份分別進行,但你必須註記被分割的留言的討論特徵到每一段新增的回覆去。
* 對於一則留言的回覆可以分成許多部份分別進行,但你必須註記被分割的留言的討論特徵到每一段新增的回覆去。
== Closing a discussion ==
== 關閉討論 ==
You should take care to strike the header of exhausted discussions using {{Ic|<nowiki><s></nowiki>}} tags. The reason for closing the discussion shall be included in the discussion itself, formatted as (part of) a response to the discussion.
Exhausted discussions can be deleted three days or more after striking.
When closing or deleting multiple discussions on a page, make one edit per discussion; closing or deleting multiple discussions simultaneously is discouraged. Also remember to include the title of the discussion in the edit summary, which will help retrieving the deleted discussion from history. Editing a ''section'' instead of the whole page by clicking on the section's edit link will enter the title automatically, otherwise it should be entered manually.
== User talk pages ==
== User talk pages ==

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請在討論頁面的底端加入適當的標題(Help:Style#Section headings)以開始討論,或者使用頁面頂端的+開啟一個新段落。通常我們建議在編輯摘要之中包含討論的題目。 若是討論頁面還不存在,也可以直接產生新的。另外請注意wiki形式的討論步調比起論壇或是IRC頻道都要緩慢,所以耐心等候其他使用者的回答。




  • 新增你的評論在你想參與的討論的最後處。
  • 使用冒號:來格式化你的評論。基本原則是將你的回覆排版至比回覆對象再多一層的位置,若該討論已經有人回覆過了,則排版至與那些回覆對齊的位置。可以參考indent條目。
  • 在結尾處使用~~~~,簽署使用者名稱與時間戳記。
  • 避免修改其他使用者的討論內容。
  • 若是已經有人回覆了你先前的討論,請不要修改那些內容,否則將會破壞整個討論的流程而使得後續追蹤變得困難。然而你可以使用刪除線,也就是<s>語法標籤,示意某些評論內容已經無效、過時或錯誤;這樣的更動必須在之後的回覆中附上說明。
  • 對於一則留言的回覆可以分成許多部份分別進行,但你必須註記被分割的留言的討論特徵到每一段新增的回覆去。





User talk pages

Note the difference between a user page, and a user talk page. Everyone may have a user talk page on which other people can leave public messages. If one does not exist for a particular user, you may create it so that you can leave a comment. If someone has left you a message on yours, you will see a note saying "You have new messages" with a link to your own user talk page: in this case you are supposed to reply on your own talk page beneath the original message with appropriate indentation. Please avoid replying to a discussion on a different talk page, for example the one of the user who contacted you, since such a style of communication creates disconnects with the flow of information regarding the subject at hand.

Do not edit a user's own page without permission (i.e. [[User:Name]]); these serve as personal user spaces. The "user talk page" is the correct place for communicating (other than sending private email if the address is published). Also please do not delete closed discussions on a user's talk pages without permission.