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This template has only maintenance purposes. For linking to local translations please use interlanguage links, see Help:i18n#Interlanguage links.

Local languages: Català – Dansk – English – Español – Esperanto – Hrvatski – Indonesia – Italiano – Lietuviškai – Magyar – Nederlands – Norsk Bokmål – Polski – Português – Slovenský – Česky – Ελληνικά – Български – Русский – Српски – Українська – עברית – العربية – ไทย – 日本語 – 正體中文 – 简体中文 – 한국어

External languages (all articles in these languages should be moved to the external wiki): Deutsch – Français – Română – Suomi – Svenska – Tiếng Việt – Türkçe – فارسی

Tango-preferences-desktop-locale.pngThis article or section needs to be translated.Tango-preferences-desktop-locale.png

Notes: please use the first argument of the template to provide more detailed indications. (Discuss in Help talk:I18n (Español)#)

Este artículo sirve como una guía completa para la Internacionalización y localización] de la ArchWiki.

Vea también: Comunidades Internacionales


Note: The following guidelines apply to articles included on the English ArchWiki. See International Wikis (2010 edition) for the latest discussion regarding the new interwiki implementation.

Títulos de los artículos

Non-English article titles should be of the form Title in English (Language) where "Language" is the localized spelling of said language. For example: Beginners' Guide (Français). English titles should not include a language tag. See #Idiomas for a list of languages and expected localized spellings.


  • English titles facilitate administration; all admins understand English, but may not be multilingual. When browsing Special:RecentChanges and other special pages, admins need to know what is being edited without resorting to external translation programs.
  • Standardized article titles simplify inter-language linking and allow for the creation of internationalization templates such as Template:i18n.

Redirecciones localizadas

Localized titles can and should be created, but must redirect to the English-named article as described above. Redirect titles need not include language tags. For example: Manuel du débutant redirets to Beginners' Guide (Français).


  • Localized titles improve navigability for international readers. Both the internal search feature and external search engines can utilize such redirects.
  • Useful redirects facilitate internal linking.

Enlaces entre-idiomas

Template:i18n should be included in every article to display a list of available translations by including the following wiki text at the beginning of the article:

{{i18n|Title in English}}

See Template:i18n for detailed usage instructions.


  • Maintaining separate inter-language links for each translation is unrealistic and error-prone. Template:i18n makes use of standardized article titles described above to generate a complete and consistent list across translations.
  • Including inter-language links at the beginning of an article allows international readers to promptly determine whether content is available in their language, and similarly allows translators to ascertain whether an article requires translation.


The following table lists all languages encountered on the wiki along with related links.

For information regarding the subtag, please see:

Language table
English Localized Subtag Category External wiki
Bulgarian Български bg Category:Български
Chinese (Simplified) 简体中文 zh-CN Category:简体中文
Chinese (Traditional) 正體中文 zh-TW Category:正體中文
Czech Česky cs Category:Česky
Danish Dansk da Category:Dansk
Dutch Nederlands nl Category:Nederlands
English English en Category:English
Finnish Suomi fi Category:Suomi
French Français fr Category:Français
German Deutsch de
Greek Ελληνικά el Category:Ελληνικά
Hebrew עברית he Category:עברית
Hungarian Magyar hu Category:Magyar
Indonesian Indonesia (Bahasa Indonesia) id Category:Indonesia
Italian Italiano it Category:Italiano
Japanese 日本語 ja Category:日本語
Korean 한국어 ko Category:한국어
Lithuanian Lietuviškai lt Category:Lietuviškai
Polish Polski pl Category:Polski
Portuguese Português pt Category:Português
Romanian Română ro Category:Română
Russian Русский ru Category:Русский
Serbian Српски (Srpski) sr Category:Српски
Slovak Slovenský sk Category:Slovenský
Spanish Español es Category:Español
Swedish Svenska sv Category:Svenska
Thai ไทย th Category:ไทย
Turkish Türkçe tr Category:Türkçe
Ukrainian Українська uk Category:Українська