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This page aims to provide a guide for the standardization of style in the articles of this wiki.

  • This guide is a draft, it has not been officialized yet, and its rules cannot be considered in a definitive status.
  • You are warmly invited to discuss your additions or modifications in the talk page, before submitting them; you can also start discussions in the forum, but you should add a link to the thread in the talk page anyway.

Commands: regular user or root

When writing CLI commands, always make distinction whether each should be issued as a regular user, or as root:

  • use $ for regular user commands:
$ makepkg -s
  • use # for root commands:
# pacman -S kernel26

Prefer using this method instead of writing $ sudo command unless it is really necessary.

# sudo command is always wrong.

Note: Since # is also used to denote comments in text files, you should always make sure to avoid ambiguities, usually by explicitly writing to run the command or edit a text file.