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The following directions define how different parts of the content of an article should be highlighted through formatting or punctuation.


See also #General rules.


Use the MediaWiki syntax ''italic text'' instead of <i> tags.


Use the MediaWiki syntax '''bold text''' instead of <b> tags.


Use Template:ic {{ic|monospace text}} instead of <code> tags for text outside of code blocks.

Quote marks

Use typewriter quotes "quoted text" instead of single quotes 'quoted text' or typographic quotes “quoted text”.

General rules

  • Do not mix more than one highlighting method except where explicitly allowed by these rules.
  • Do not use different highlighting methods from the ones defined in this manual; this includes, but is not limited to, underlining, blinking, full-word capitalization, colors, asterisks, exclamation marks, emoticons, HTML tags with a style attribute.

First instances

The first relevant appearance of a term or name in an article (e.g. executable names) can be highlighted if regarded as worthy of particular attention, considering the topic of the article or the specific section. The first "relevant" appearance may not be the absolute first appearance of the name: its choice is left to the editor.

The preferable way of highlighting the name is using a link to a closely related article in the wiki or to an external page, like Wikipedia; if there are no possible pertinent links, bold can be used as a fallback solution.

Package and group names should make use of Template:Pkg, Template:AUR or Template:Grp.

Note that if the name is already introduced by the title of the article or by a section heading, it doesn't require any further highlighting in the article, except in the case of #Name/term lists.


Whenever any of the above formatting cases can be a link to another article or external page, the link takes precedence over any formatting (which is discarded).

Name/term lists

Keep consistent formatting in lists of executable names, technical terms... even if not all of the items would require to be formatted (e.g. all-caps terms, which shouldn't be italic-ized by themselves, or names in a list where most of the items are formatted according to #First instances.


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