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What we, a.k.a tranditional Chinese users, should do with the style stuffs? Most of the Arch users in Taiwan, or HongKong do have good English reading, so almost no TC users care about this category of articles, but I think the translation of these articles, no matter technical or cultural, are still important. Any one, Any ideas? 我們正體中文使用者到底該怎麼處理這些風格的問題?大部分台灣及香港Arch使用者都有良好的英文閱讀能力,所以大部分人也不在乎TC的條目,但我認為翻譯這些技術或wiki文化的條目仍然是重要的。有人在這裡嗎?任何意見?NonerKao (talk) 03:11, 20 October 2015 (UTC)