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=== Thunderbird ===
=== Thunderbird ===
See [[HiDPI#Firefox]].
See [[HiDPI#Firefox|Firefox]]. To access <code>about:config</code>, go to Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Config editor.

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What is it

HiDPI, also known as Retina, is simply a name for screens with high resolution. The examples are Apple MacBooks labeled "with Retina", as well as some ultrabooks (e.g. Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro).

Not all software behaves well in high-resolution mode yet. Here are listed most common tweaks which make work on a HiDPI screen more pleasant.



Open Firefox advanced preferences page (about:config) and set parameter layout.css.devPixelsPerPx to 2 (or find the one that suits you better; 2 is a good choice for Retina screens).

Mail clients


See Firefox. To access about:config, go to Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Config editor.