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This page describes how to install Valves ''HLDS'' (Half-Life Dedicated Server) for installing and running a game server for classic Half-Life 1 games.
== Installation ==
First, install {{aur|hlds}} from the [[AUR]]. Before configuring the server, we need to add an user with restricted rights which will be only used for HLDS:
$ useradd hlds
And then assign the permissions to the program directory:
$ chown -R hlds:hlds /opt/hlds
Now we change the user, switch the directory to ''/opt/hlds'' and begin download the game files, in this example for ''Counter-Strike 1.6'', by executing this command:
$ su hlds && cd /opt/hlds
$ ./steam -command update -game cstrike -dir .
== Configuration ==
Of couse you can define the server settings in the game directory itself, for example by editing /opt/hlds/cstrike/server.cfg. Alternatively you could set the startup parameters in ''/etc/conf.d/hlds'':
{{hc|/etc/conf.d/hlds|2=<nowiki>user=hlds # this setting won't work yet
workingdir=/opt/hlds # this setting won't work yet
params="-game cstrike -autoupdate +maxplayers 20 +port 27019 +map de_aztec"</nowiki>}}
Be sure you open or forwarded the port, e.g. 27019 UDP+TCP correctly!
== Start the server ==
Starting the server is easy!
$ systemctl start hlds
To enable autostart, issue following command:
$ systemctl enable hlds

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