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This article covers using Hsoconnect with Option Icon 225 3G - HSDPA USB modems (UMTS and EDGE/GPRS networks).

Hsoconnect Introduction

HSOconnect is an easy to use connection manager that is designed to work with Option's latest HSDPA and HSUPA modems. Use HSOconnect to quickly connect to the Internet using your modem. Start up HSOconnect and it will keep looking for a device until you plug one in. If your SIM requires a PIN code; HSOconnect will ask you to enter it.


# pacman -S hsoconnect 

Add your user to the 'network' group

# gpasswd -d $USER network  

Where $USER=youruser

Connecting to the Internet

Click the Connect button and the program will automatically connect you to the Internet. While connected the amount of data sent and received is displayed. Click on the Connect button again to disconnect from the Internet. If you minimise HSOconnect move your mouse over the name to view how the connection is going. You cannot connect to the Internet until the modem is registered on a network.

As normal user, connect your Icon225 stick and launch:

$ hsoconnect

External Resources

Hsoconnect: [1] Icon 225 specifications: [2]