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This is a tool that detects/lists modules that are exported by /sys

   --kernel_version=      use kernel version (no autodetect)
   --ide-legacy           use old ide modules instead of pata
   --load-modules         load all detected modules
   --unload-modules       unload all detected modules
   --show-modules         show all detected modules
   --show-modules-order   shows load order of detected modules
   --show-agp             show AGP modules
   --show-ide             show IDE modules
   --show-scsi            show SCSI modules
   --show-sata            show SATA modules
   --show-usb             show USB modules
   --show-fw              show FIREWIRE modules
   --show-net             show NETWORK modules
   --show-input           show INPUT modules
   --show-irda            show IRDA modules
   --show-isdn            show ISDN modules
   --show-pcmcia          show PCMCIA modules
   --show-sound           show SOUND modules
   --show-video           show VIDEO modules
   --show-other           show OTHER modules

 For /etc/mkinitcpio.conf use:
   --hostcontroller       show MODULES= for all hostcontrollers
   --vmware               add BusLogic to MODULES for vmware

   --hooks                show HOOKS=
   --hooks-dir            use this directory for HOOKS check
   --dsdt                 add dsdt to HOOKS=
   --raid                 add raid to HOOKS=
   --raid-partitions      add raid-partitions to HOOKS=
   --encrypt              add encrypt to HOOKS=
   --lvm2                 add lvm2 to HOOKS=
   --keymap               add keymap to HOOKS=
   --usb                  add usb to HOOKS=
   --fw                   add fw to HOOKS=
   --pcmcia               add pcmcia to HOOKS=
   --nfs                  add net to HOOKS=

 For /etc/rc.conf use:
   --net                  show network MODULES
   --modules              show all detected MODULES