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# pacman -S hylafax

It could be that you need a MTA installed like postfix

  • After installation please run faxsetup as root. Answer the questions and modify to your needs.
  • Run faxaddmodem as root. It asks you for the device, leave out the /dev prefix; only enter eg. modem, ttyS0 or such things.
  • Answer the other questions, important ones could be the ringtones, max pages, permissions on files or your the name that should be shown.
  • After that you have to modify your inittab, add this line to it, where <enteryourdevice> = for example modem ttyS0 etc.
f1:2345:respawn:/usr/lib/fax/faxgetty <enteryourdevice>
  • telinit q

Your received faxes will be saved in /var/spool/hylafax/rcvq/ and deleted after 30 days. Your send faxes will be saved in /var/spool/hylafax/sendq/

Hints and tips


Hylafax defaults are made for North America settings. Pagesize of send faxes can be adjusted in /usr/lib/fax/pagesizes for A4 default setup please change the file to that:

Japanese Legal          JP-LEG  12141   17196   11200    15300  900     400
#default        NA-LET  10200   13200    9240    12400  472     345
default         A4      9920    14030   9240    13200   472     345

No dialtone error or if you are a laptop user

If you need a special number to get the Dialtone add this to:


Uncomment the ModemDialCmd line, and change ATDT%s to ATDT<yournumber>%s

For laptop users it might be helpfull to deactivate the dialtone check

Uncomment the ModemDialCmd line, and change ATDT%s to ATX3DT%s

Automatic fax printing

Add this to /var/spool/hylafax/bin/faxrcvd at the end

/usr/bin/tiff2ps -a -h 11.1082 -w 7.8543 $FILE | /usr/bin/lpr -P <yourprintername>

This setup is for A4 pagesize, adjust -h and -w to your needs if you need an other size.

Disabling MTA actions

Normally hylafax uses a MTA to receive faxes, if you do not need that change, your /var/spool/hylafax/bin/faxrcvd

Change NOTIFY_FAXMASTER=always to never

Enable automatic printing of notifications

If you want notifications to be printed out and not mailed, change your /var/spool/hylafax/bin/notify

  • Change NOTIFY_FAXMASTER=never to always and at the end of that file
  • Comment this line :
    ) || 2>&1 $SENDMAIL -f$FROMADDR -oi -t
  • Add this as next line:
    ) || 2>&1 lpr -P <yourprinter> -p

Remember to add your changed file to pacmans NoUpgrade list else your changes might get lost on update.

Useful commands

faxstat (shows you the status of hylafax)
faxstat -s (shows you the send status)
faxstat -r (shows received faxes)
faxalter -a now <jobid> (forces send retry now)
faxrm <jobid> (deletes fax from sendqueue)

For more options please read the manpages of each program

Apps for hylafax

GNU/Linux Apps:

  • kfax is a nice app to view the received tiff files.
  • KDE has a printer to send your document to fax, change it to use the hylafax backend.

Windows Apps:

See also

faxq - HylaFAX queue manager process. man hfaxd.