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=IBM ThinkPad T23=
'''This is a draft and a sandbox for me, learning the wiki syntax. :) And please don't use this page for reference. It isn't ready for public reading anyway.'''
==Reference Information==
Extensive information about Linux on the T23 can be found at [http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Category:T23]. What follows here are details specific to Arch Linux.
The Installation
In addition of reading the [[Xorg]] Howto, you will need to install the '''xf86-video-savage''' driver to set up the graphics card.
Since the release of the xf86-video-savage driver, version 2.1.2-3, the 3D acceleration is broken. This problem appeared April, 2007 and still remains today (Oktober, 2007)
==More Resources==

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