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Works with no known issues.
===Power Management=== 
====Suspend and Hibernate==== 
Works flawlessly.  See [[Suspend to Disk]].    Also known to work with [[Pm-utils]].
An easy way is to use "suspend to swap" by appending 
to the kernel line in {{ic|/boot/grub/menu.lst}}
[http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Sleepmode Sleepmode ]
====Laptop Mode Tools====
Works flawlessly.  See [[Laptop Mode Tools]].
====CPU frequency scaling====
Works as described in [[CPU Frequency Scaling]].
They work better after loading the thinkpad_acpi module, to assign the generated keycodes to their supposed functions. 
Install {{AUR|tpb}}, available in the [[Arch User Repository]].
tpb (for '''T'''hink'''p'''ad '''B'''uttons) adds an on-screen volume bar for the volume buttons, '''THINKPAD''' button assignment, on-screen messages for '''Thinklight''', (on and off) and more.
If not already working, this key may be configured by adding:
keycode 77 = Num_Lock
to {{ic|~/.xmodmap}}.
Works fine with driver xf86-video-savage. Eye-candy like compositing will not work with this card.
Please note, if you have an SXGA+, the graphics card will not support a higher depth than 16 bit.
==See also== 
* [http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Category:T23 Thinkwiki]

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