IBM ThinkPad T23

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Works with no known issues.


Power Management

Suspend and Hibernate

Works flawlessly. See Suspend to Disk. Also known to work with Pm-utils.


An easy way is to use "suspend to swap" by appending


to the kernel line in /boot/grub/menu.lst


Laptop Mode Tools

Works flawlessly. See Laptop Mode Tools.

CPU Frequency Scaling

Works as described in CPU Frequency Scaling with acpi-cpufreq as of 2.6.27-ARCH.


They work better after loading the thinkpad-acpi module, to assign the generated keycodes to their supposed functions.

As of December 2007, they do not work properly, since HAL is under heavy development.


tpb (for Thinkpad Buttons) is available through pacman:

pacman -S tpb 

tpb adds an on-screen volume bar for the volume buttons, THINKPAD button assignment, on-screen messages for Thinklight, (on and off) and more.


If not already working, this key may be configured by adding:

keycode 77 = Num_Lock 

to ~/.xmodmap.


Works fine with driver xf86-video-savage. Eye-candy like compositing will not work with this card.

Please note, if you have an SXGA+, the graphics card will not support a higher depth than 16 bit.

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