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Change iPod Mountpoint

HAL will mount an attached iPod to /media/<ipod name>. If the volume label of your iPod is unnecessarily long, or contains a mixture of spaces, and/or lower-case and capital letters, it may present an inconvenience. You may easily change the volume label for more expedient access:

  • Get & confirm the current volume label:
# mlabel -i /dev/sdxx -s ::
  • Set the new volume label (as iPod)
# mlabel -i /dev/sdxx -s ::iPod

Where /dev/sdxx is the current mountpoint of your iPod.

HAL will now automount iPod to /media/iPod

Converting video for iPod

Instructions below are listed per generation of iPod. Instructions for one generation, will probably work for others, but there's no guarantee. This information has been placed here for preservation and to be shared.

Gen 5/5.5

Surprisingly, easily converting video under Linux to an appropriate format for an iPod Video is a bit more difficult than just a google. Took quite a bit of searching to find the solutions listed below.

DVD to iPod

Depends: aur/gpac mplayer

Has detailed help, and is fairly self explanatory

Mirrored at:

Video file to iPod

Depends: mplayer

I originally found this script here: It has been modified to properly handle filenames with unusual characters. Thanks to Thomer for the great script.


Use: pacman -S avidemux
Depends: a lot of other things that are grabbed automatically

This can convert to mp4 files. If you enforce a hard max of bitrate @ 700ish and keep the video size to 720x480 or 320x240 than it works fine for video file exporting. Export to ipod with a recent version of gtkpod.