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== Channel Statistics ==
== Channel Statistics ==
* [[User:xterminus|xterminus]] maintains [http://xtermin.us/irc/archlinux.html Archstats]
* [[User:xterminus|xterminus]] maintains [http://xtermin.us/IrcArchLinux Archstats]
* [[User:Brain0|Brain0]] also maintains the [[ArchMap|ArchMap]] for Google Earth.  Add yourself!
* [[User:Brain0|Brain0]] also maintains the [[ArchMap|ArchMap]] for Google Earth.  Add yourself!

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The official Archlinux channel is #archlinux on irc.freenode.net (what is IRC?). If you have questions that cannot be answered by RTFM, join #archlinux and ask there.

If you like, stay some time to help others by answering some questions yourself. Or even stay permanently :-)

Use the above shown connection data to join with any IRC-client like irssi, XChat, Gaim or ChatZilla. We collect some fortunes on the Wall of Quotes.

Channel Guidelines


  • When you've been served well, stay long & prosper to help others (in the channel and add to Wiki)!


  • Check google, the forums, flyspray and The Wiki before you ask.
  • If you've already found the answers on your own by now, then tell us which docs helped you (not?).
  • Otherwise, if you want good & fast answers, ask smart questions
    • No mindreading here, state most specifically: expected result(s) first, the ones you get, and then all circumstantial info.
    • Quality of answer won't exceed quality of question, you decide how helpful you are to yourself.


  • Just ask your stuff, don't ask if we're "alive"!
  • Wait some time: eventually, someone will answer, don't count on instant reaction.
  • Be supportive: we can't read minds, so be specific! See "smart-questions" above!
    • State your goal first, too, maybe you chose the wrong way.
  • Show commitment: this is not a service hotline, this is a do-it-yourself environment.
    • Look up references yourself, use existing docs, learn to help yourself.
  • Be patient (with yourself & fellows): answers are favours, not your right.
    • You are supposed to do the actual work, you get advice and pointers.
  • Don't flood the channel by pasting lots of lines (up to 4 lines is ok). If you have to paste a lot of lines:
    • use a nopaste-website and post the URL to #archlinux channel (eg. pastebin).
  • Disable auto-away messages & nick-changes! Use the silent /away feature of your client manually, nothing else!
  • Last, but not least - keep it on topic.

Channel Statistics