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How to access an iSCSI Target with an initiator.
iSCSI Target
iSCSI Initator
iSCSI Boot

With Wikipedia:iSCSI you can access storage over an IP-based network.

The exported storage entity is the target and the importing entity is the initiator.

The preferred initiator is Open-iSCSI as of 2011. An older initiator, Linux-iSCSI, was merged with Open-iSCSI. Linux-iSCSI should not be confused with, the website for the LIO target.

Setup With Open-iSCSI

Even Template:Package AUR is not in the official repositories, so you need to build it from AUR.

Using the Daemon

You only have to include the IP of the target as Template:Codeline in Template:Filename at the client.

At the server (target) you might need to include the client iqn from Template:Filename in the acl configuration.

After both steps are finished you should be able to start the initiator with Template:Cli. You might want to include Template:Codeline in your rc.conf#Daemons.

Using the Tools


See also

  • iSCSI Boot Booting Arch Linux with / on an iSCSI target.