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== File Managers ==
== File Managers ==
It should be noted that IceWM is a window manager only and therefore does not include a file manager. [[PCManFM]] and Rox Filer enable desktop icons, but [[Idesk|iDesk]] can also be used to achieve this functionality.
IceWM è puramente un window manager, quindi non include un file manager. [[PCManFM]] e Rox Filer permettono di avere icone sul desktop, ma anche [[Idesk|iDesk]] può compiere questa funzione.
{{Note|For a greater listing of file managers, examine the [[:Category:File managers (English)|File managers]] category listing.}}
{{Note|Per una lista più esaustiva di file managers, esamina [[:Category:File managers (English)|File managers]].}}
== Related Articles ==
== Related Articles ==

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In Unix computing, IceWM is a window manager for the X Window System graphical infrastructure, written by Marko Maček. It was coded from scratch in C++ and is released under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License. It is relatively lightweight in terms of memory and CPU usage, and comes with themes that allow it to imitate the UI of Windows 95, OS/2, Motif, and other graphical user interfaces. (Source: Wikipedia)


IceWM è disponibile in [extra] ed è installabile tramite pacman:

# pacman -S icewm

In alternativa, l'ultima versione del branch testing (Template:Package AUR) e la versione CVS (Template:Package AUR) sono disponibili in AUR. Questa versioni aggiungono nuove caratteristiche come il supporto a RandR.


Although IceWM configuration is originally text-based, there are GUI-based tools available, notably icewm-utils in [community]. However these tools are relatively old and most users prefer to simply edit the text configuration files.

To change your icewm configuration from the default, simply copy the default configuration files from Template:Codeline to Template:Codeline, for example:

Note: Do this as a regular user, not as root.
$ mkdir ~/.icewm/
$ cp -R /usr/share/icewm/* ~/.icewm/

Template:Filename is the core configuration file for IceWM. Template:Filename controls the contents of the IceWM application menu. Template:Filename allows the user to customize keyboard shortcuts.


Template:Package Official è uno script Python che riempie automaticamente il proprio menù applicazioni basato su cosa è installato nel sistema. Anche se potrebbe generare un menù con molte voci indesiderate, è più agevole che modificare manualmente ~/.icewm/menu. Il flag -f serve a sovrascrivere il file di configurazione esistente:

# mmaker -f icewm


Although some themes are included by default, there is a much larger and better selection in the verified icewm-themes package in the repository. Although many have a spartan, 'old Windows' feel, some (ElbergBlue, liquid, etc.) have a more modern look.

You can also visit box-look.org for more themes.

File Managers

IceWM è puramente un window manager, quindi non include un file manager. PCManFM e Rox Filer permettono di avere icone sul desktop, ma anche iDesk può compiere questa funzione.

Note: Per una lista più esaustiva di file managers, esamina File managers.

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