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If you sometimes use old GTK1 apps (like xmms), you probably know they don't look nice. This is because they use ugly default theme.
To change it, you need to:
# download and install some nice theme
# change the theme
Some nice themes are in [extra]. To install it:
# pacman -S gtk-smooth-engine
To change the theme you can use gtk-theme-switch:
# pacman -S gtk-theme-switch
then run it with 'switch' command. That's all. Isn't it better looking now? :)
For GTK2 apps (e.g. pidgin) you can do the same with 'gtk2-theme-switch' or 'gtk2_prefs' (which is the one i use and recommend). So once you have made your mind do:
# pacman -S gtk-theme-switch2
# pacman -S gtk2_prefs
You probably would like to install some themes too:
# pacman -S gtk2-themes-collection
Now run either 'switch2' or 'gtk2_prefs', depending on what you chose before and change the theme to your liking.

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