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If you sometimes use old GTK1 apps (like xmms), you probably know they don't look nice. This is because they use ugly default theme.
To change it, you need to:
# download and install some nice theme
# change the theme
Some nice themes are in [extra]. To install it:
# pacman -S gtk-smooth-engine
To change the theme you can use gtk-theme-switch:
# pacman -S gtk-theme-switch
then run it with 'switch' command. That's all. Isn't it better looking now? :)
For GTK2 apps (e.g. pidgin) you can do the same with 'gtk2-theme-switch' or 'gtk2_prefs' (which is the one i use and recommend). So once you have made your mind do:
# pacman -S gtk-theme-switch2
# pacman -S gtk2_prefs
You probably would like to install some themes too:
# pacman -S gtk2-themes-collection
Now run either 'switch2' or 'gtk2_prefs', depending on what you chose before and change the theme to your liking.
If you want to change the icon theme of GTK2 Applications, then you have to modify or add in the file ~/.gtkrc-2.0 following line (here the icon theme is set to Tango):
gtk-icon-theme-name = "Tango"
...more gtk2 settings...

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