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Init Command Systemd Command Comment
rc.d {start | stop | restart...} daemon systemctl {start | stop | restart...} daemon.service Change service state
rc.d list systemctl list-unit-files --type=service List Services
chkconfig daemon {on | off} systemctl {enable | disable} daemon.service Turn service on or off
chkconfig daemon --add systemctl daemon-reload Use when you create or modify configs/scripts

Targets table

SysV Runlevel Systemd Target Notes
0, Halt the system.
1, s, single, Single user mode.
2, 4,, User-defined/Site-specific runlevels. By default, identical to 3.
3, Multi-user, non-graphical. Users can usually login via multiple consoles or via the network.
5, Multi-user, graphical. Usually has all the services of runlevel 3 plus a graphical login.
6, Reboot
emergency Emergency shell