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InspIRCd (Inspire IRC daemon) is a modular and lightweight IRC daemon written in C++. As it is one of the few IRCd projects written from scratch, it avoids a number of design flaws and speed issues that plague other more established IRCd projects with the same or less features, such as UnrealIRCd 3. It's the IRCd used by the Chatspike IRC network.

Installing InspIRCd

Before beginning, make sure you do the following:

  1. Check that you don't have any user or group named "irc" as the daemon will create and run using this user privileges (for security reasons).
  2. Read how to build packages from AUR (read ABS) or install yaourt (recommended) that automates the all process.

Now that you have installed yaourt you can install inspircd by running:

yaourt inspircd

Configuring (mandatory)

This will depend a lot from your needs and system configuration so there's no default configuration. There is however an example (very well documented) configuration file located (as usually) in /etc/inspircd/inspircd.conf.example. Read and edit this file carefully and when you're finished rename it to inspircd.conf. The inspircd.conf file is formatted like a html document, which for most people is somewhat different to what they are used to. The format of an instruction within the configuration file looks like the following:

<tagname variable="value">

Note that are some <die value="anything here"> in the example file to make sure you read the all thing. You must remove this entries otherwise the server shall not start. Further information is available at InspIRCd configuration wiki page.

Loading modules

By default, InspIRCd loads no modules. As every feature outside of RFC 1459 is actually a module, by loading no modules your ircd really won't do anything impressive. You can load modules by adding for instance:

<module name="">

This will load the m_silence module (which provides the somewhat standard SILENCE list facility). You must restart the daemon for changes to take effect. A list of the available modules is available at the InspIRCd modules wiki page.

Starting/Stopping the daemon

You can start and stop the InspIRCd daemon as usual by running:

sudo /etc/rc.d/inspircd [start|stop|restart]

The first start fails sometimes so try restarting until you get no errors. After this you shall have no further problems. The reason behind this is because of security reasons the daemon doesn't run as root as you normally would see, so the script must ensure that the user irc has permission to write/read the pid and log files. To start on boot just add (as always) [inspircd] to the [daemons] section in the /etc/rc.conf file.

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